Microsoft Surface Hub being used for collaboration

Frequently Asked Questions about the
Microsoft Surface Hub

How does the Surface Hub make my meetings more effective?

  • You can walk up and instantly start a meeting--whether scheduled or ad hoc
  • Scheduled meetings appear on the welcome screen
    • Surface Hub is bookable resource in Exchange, so the device is automatically booked when you reserve the conference room
    • With a single tap, you join your meeting—no need to log in or connect any equipment
  • Improved experience for remote participants, so you can have a productive, engaging meeting without getting on an airplane:
    • AV experience designed to make meetings true to life:
      • Cameras are side mounted, with a wide field of view, so they capture the room and the person at the board
      • Mic array built on Kinect technology to detect speakers and eliminate background noise
    • Remote users have on-screen presence--not hidden behind content
    • The screen is automatically shared so remote users are seeing the same content, unlike most VTC sessions where they can’t see the whiteboard
    • Remote users even able to ink to be a part of the brainstorm
  • You easily share content: wireless and wired connecting so anyone can share content
    • Surface Hub connect experience is not the standard projector experience:
      • You can see remote attendees side by side with content
      • Multiple items side-by-side, so everyone can share ideas and content to help drive the discussion—without the disruption of disconnecting cables from one user to the next
    • Touchback allows you to control content from the Surface Hub, so you can lead a discussion from the front of the room rather than walking back and forth to advance slides
    • Inkback allows you to annotate on content, even though the content lives on your connected device—and when you disconnect, you can take the annotations with you
      • Wireless is enabled via Miracast—open standard supported by Windows and many Android devices
      • Wired supports many platforms and device types—Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • Walk away with confidence: when you click end session, content is sent to meeting attendees, and then wiped from the machine
    • Ensures that you don’t leave sensitive content in the room
    • Returns the device to its original state for next user so everyone has the same consistent experience


Can any app run on the platform?

  • You can run any Windows 10 Universal App natively from the Surface Hub, without authenticating or needing any other device in the room.
    • Universal Apps can run automatically without new coding needed.
  • You can share any Windows application (including desktop apps) from your personal device to the Surface Hub
    • With touchback and inkback, anyone can walk up to the Surface Hub and control it.
  • Comes with powerful, familiar Microsoft applications like Skype for Business, OneNote, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel
  • Access to the hardware—with native support for touch, ink, and sensors—will also enable third party developers to develop beautiful, powerful, immersive applications
  • Surface Hub provides a platform to build amazing large-screen apps for group productivity


Where can I put the Surface Hub?

  • Any room or space:
    • Surface Hub will transform the conference room, but ultimately it was designed to turn any room into a collaboration space.
    • We have different sizes and mounting options to fit a wide variety of rooms
    • Integrated design combined with rolling stands makes it mobile enough to move it from space to space, wherever people want to get things done together
      • Only need to plug in power and network and you’re up and running
  • Any user: Communal, walk-up and use design means that users don't have to login to start using it, allowing it to sit in shared spaces
  • Designed to scale with your enterprise: A set of Surface Hubs across many offices can be centrally managed by IT, remotely customizing for the needs of the room and remotely deploying updates as needed
    • Connected Device: Surface Hub is designed to integrate with your existing conference room infrastructure, making it easier to deploy in a wide array of existing spaces. Inputs like HDMI, Bluetooth, NFC, and USB, making it easy to connect it with the devices and peripherals that your business already uses


What additional equipment is provided or required?

  • The Surface Hub includes 2 Surface Hub pens, and a wireless all‐in‐one keyboard
  • Surface Hub Wall Mount (rolling stand and floor support options are additional options)


What software is provided?

  • Surface Hub features a new Windows 10 experience designed with group productivity at its core.
  • Windows 10 allows Surface Hub to be a shared device across multiple individuals, where anyone can walk up and use it—unlike a PC, where you need to log in and where your data and content is stored
  • Welcome screen designed to be simple and intuitive, featuring key experiences that groups do together: call, whiteboard, connect content


What collaboration services come with the unit?

  • Surface Hub features versions of Microsoft’s top productivity services like Skype for Business, OneNote, and Office that are optimized for groups and the large screen
  • Services are integrated directly into the OS for seamless experience—for instance you can join a Skype for Business call directly from the welcome screen


What kind of warranty comes with the unit?

  • One year limited warranty
  • Provides 90 days of software support for questions around usability and setup
  • Offers next business day phone/web/email support and third business day onsite hardware support


Where can I find product specs?

  • 55” and 84" Microsoft Surface Hub product specs can be downloaded here


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